Selecterz x NUDE

With Selecterz, delve deeper into the world of your beloved artists. Today, we are proud to introduce you to NUDE. NUDE is a 22 years old producer from Tours. His musical training and passion come from drums and percussion. Practicing those at the conservatory for 10 years, he then decided that producing his own sounds was where he would lead his musical career. 

This is another one of those guys who’s decided to put his life on hold, trying to live form his passion: music, production & experimentation. ‘No Air’ is NUDE’s first EP and it means as much as it means to me than it means to him. ‘No Air’ is as deep and as it is refreshing. There are new and old school vibes while listening to these tracks. Discover today an exclusive playlist of his favorite songs that inspire and move him and cop his EP here.


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Selecterz x NUDEselecterz

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