Selecterz x Little Ghost

With Selecterz, delve deeper into the world of your beloved artists. Today, we are proud to introduce you to Little Ghost. In a scene where most electronic musicians would filter their sound to an online public, Marcel (Little Ghost) can be found experimenting with electronic music & scoring films.

Raised on jazz & soul, trained on bass & guitar & self taught on drums, voice & piano (along with many others), he tries to reflect the passion & heart people like James Brown, Marvin Gaye & Jay Dilla had for their art, in his music. Using the last year with his struggle of depression & mental health, Marcel grew & poured himself into art to unashamedly bombard his fans with the textures of his pain & the physicality of his melodies. Discover today an exclusive playlist of his favorite songs that inspire and move him. You can download his EP for free.. here!



Selecterz x Little Ghostselecterz

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